Top Ten Tuesday: Ghostly winter reads

There is a contingent of readers and writers trying to bring back the Christmas tradition of telling ghost stories around the fireplace. After all, A Christmas Carol is really a ghost story, and Christmas does fall during the darkest time of the year. And with the Icelandic tradition jolabokaflod taking hold here too, a good stack of ghastly reads is just the thing for the season.


This book was terrifying.  Delightfully so.  I rarely get so wholly absorbed.  I read all the time, but it is as time allows – a quiet hour on the weekend or a few minutes before bed.  With this book, I was making time to read so I could keep up with its breathless pace. I even…

A Winter’s Day in NYC

It is sweltering in the south this time of year.  I went back through some of my photos of a subzero day spent in New York City.  December 23, 2008.  Hope it cools you down. Portrait of Josephine Baker at the Museum of the City of NYFantastic exhibit on Paris / NY of the 1920s…

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