REVIEW: Lady MacBeth (2016)

Drawing on the themes of Shakespeare’s MacBeth, Katherine is a fierce woman, tired of living by her husband’s rules and she has no problem committing murder to get what she wants. And, as is the sign of good storytelling, the audience is tempted to cheer for her. 

Ten books they should teach in high school (instead of the ones they do)

It’s kind of amazing that I became an English major considering how many books we had to read in high school that were either A) terrible, B) badly taught, or C) both. These are some ideas that I think would have been much more effective and enjoyable in high school. Maybe some of you were…

Weekly Wrap-up: March 4

COOL LINKS AND ARTICLES FROM THE WEEK These beautiful pieces appeared on Penguin Classics’ twitter feed and lots of nerds (like me) begin having nerdy arguments about which play they represented. See the comments on the left and feel free to weigh in. Outlandish Lit is hosting a Weirdathon. It’s going to be…odd. It’s the…

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