Top Ten Tuesday: Books that take place in another country

Sometimes the best plane ticket we have is a good book. It’s certainly the most reliable time machine (so far). I love reading about far off places, especially ones I want to see for real, someday. Here are some of my favorite books that live in another place.

Top Ten New-To-Me

Authors I Read For The First Time In 2016 Chelsea Cain Confessions of a Teen Sleuth is hysterical. I didn’t know about it until a friend recommended it and, holey moley. Danielle Dutton Margaret the First is a strange and lovely biographical novel. It sort of defies description, which is something I love about it.…


Cora is recently widowed, and not nearly as sad as her society dictates she should be. She very quickly warms to the idea that she is no longer required to be meek and obedient. She decamps London, with son Francis and friend Martha in tow, for rural Essex. There she can pursue her study of…

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