The moon has always been with us. Even for early humans who didn’t quite understand the universe, the moon was a constant. It pulls our tides and tells turtles when to come ashore and bury eggs. It lights our way and directs our ships. It entrances moths. It acts as a calendar. Fifty years ago, we made it to the surface.

Weekly wrap-up: June 3

Turns out the Monty Python’s knights were right about at least one thing: killer rabbits. Super-psyched for these gorgeous stamps of the planets (and Pluto and New Horizons). I wonder if a first class Forever stamp means the USPS will deliver there? Not entirely sure what I think about these mesmerizing gifs that mix vintage photos…

Weekly Wrap-up: Feb 12

COOL LINKS AND ARTICLES FROM THE WEEK NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) released retro-inspired travel posters for the galaxy. The high-res images are free to download, print and frame. This week has been one of curling, and more curling. The 2016 National Championships in Jacksonville finish this weekend. Synesthesia, the crossing over of senses (hearing…

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