Top Ten Tuesday: Books that take place in another country

Sometimes the best plane ticket we have is a good book. It’s certainly the most reliable time machine (so far). I love reading about far off places, especially ones I want to see for real, someday. Here are some of my favorite books that live in another place.

Book Blogger Appreciation Week: Day 1

Introduce myself… Well, I’m a Sherlock Holmes fanatic (although I am not a member of the Baker Street Irregulars, I play the grand game anyway), a certified cryptozoologist, a crossword puzzle and word game player, I have a Edgar Allan Poe lunchbox that I use everyday, and I read. A lot. I’ve been writing reviews…

REVIEW: GILLESPIE & I by Jane Harris

I am still reeling from this book.  Surprising at every turn — and I’m not easily surprised.  Nor am I easily impressed, particularly when it comes to books.  The writing is fabulous – both in style and in storytelling. The first-person narrator, Harriet Baxter, is an older women now, in 1933.  She has decided to…

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