Book Blogger Appreciation Week – Day 3

Confession: I am terrible about taking advice from others, especially in the realm of books. I am really, really picky and over the years I’ve learned that people don’t get my taste. Or so I assume. There is now a very, very short list of people I think truly know what I will like. But…

31 Days of Halloween – October 27

Conan Doyle is invariably linked to his most famous creation, Sherlock Holmes. The stories skyrocketed him to fame and the tales are STILL spawning new fans, more than 100 years later. Conan Doyle wrote numerous other stories as well. Some were more of what we would call science fiction (like The Lost World, with time…

Know Your Poe

Poe has become a mythical figure in American history. His work is constantly republished, adapted and performed. There are lunch boxes, toys and air fresheners with his likeness on them. There is a NFL team named after one of his poems.

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