Baseball is better than this

I love baseball. I’ve been going to games since I was 4. I have been to dozens of stadiums in the US and Canada, major and minor leagues. I spent two summers as the official photographer for a summer wooden bat league in the NECBL. I’ve played a pick-up game with strangers on the Field of Dreams in Iowa. I’ve been the Baseball Hall of Fame and I met the real Rockford Peaches. But I have never seen such disrespect to the America’s pastime as I have at a Savannah Bananas game.

Books for an equinox season

Like a rider at the top of a roller coaster’s first hill, our planet sits on the pinnacle of light and darkness, before plunging headlong into the next season. Summer is on its way, but before it arrives, we have a moment to look out over what awaits. RHETORIC & POETRY Is there anything more stereotypically…


Bryson has an uncanny way of approaching his subjects.  Here he looks at human achievements, culture, art and more only during the summer months of 1927.  Using Charles Lindbergh and his historic transatlantic flight as a unifying thread, Bryson also investigates the case of Sacco and Vanzetti, the magical season for the New York Yankees,…

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