A couple of years ago, I had the great luck to be able to visit Poe’s Baltimore home and his gravesite. The house museum is run by a group of fun, dedicated folks and the churchyard evokes everything that a northeastern historical city burial ground should.

With a note I left for him.

I’ve been to Sullivan’s Island and visited Fort Moultrie where he served as on “Edgar A Perry.” I’ve seen where his birthplace was in Boston (though I still need to visit the statue). Over the years, people have given me action figures, air fresheners and lunch boxes with his likeness. He’s a compelling person. Don’t believe me? Read my post, Know Your Poe.

It’s not just his creepy stories that I like (which I do – very much), but I am always finding something new in him. His science fiction is impressive and his hoaxes are downright funny. I’d like to think we’d be buddies. He would probably be a terrible friend — always asking for money, showing up drunk on the doorstep — but to be able to talk with a true wit with impressive depth would have been worth it. Or at least a good story to tell.

Luckily, we have thousands of pages of his thoughts. As I do each year, I will pull out a book of his lesser known writings and read for awhile in a comfortable chair. Then I will close out with the always-classic The Raven. 

Happy birthday, Eddie.

How will you celebrate Poe?

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