The moon has always been with us. Even for early humans who didn’t quite understand the universe, the moon was a constant. It pulls our tides and tells turtles when to come ashore and bury eggs. It lights our way and directs our ships. It entrances moths. It acts as a calendar. Fifty years ago, we made it to the surface.

Baseball is better than this

I love baseball. I’ve been going to games since I was 4. I have been to dozens of stadiums in the US and Canada, major and minor leagues. I spent two summers as the official photographer for a summer wooden bat league in the NECBL. I’ve played a pick-up game with strangers on the Field of Dreams in Iowa. I’ve been the Baseball Hall of Fame and I met the real Rockford Peaches. But I have never seen such disrespect to the America’s pastime as I have at a Savannah Bananas game.

Live Action Disney Classics from the 1960s

The Shaggy Dog, released in theaters in 1959, was Disney Studios first live-action comedy. It was a departure from their popular animated films. The gambit paid off — it was a huge hit and it launched a slew of wholesome, funny, adventuresome movies from the studio. These goofball comedies, light-hearted family fare and suspenseful mysteries…