Books for June

I’m not really one for your typical “beach read” but I do think summertime give us time devote to reading in a way that we don’t get to most of the year – vacations and camping, longer days, a slower pace of life in general. It’s a good time to dive into a brick of a classic, tackle a series or try a nonfiction in a new topic.

INTERVIEW with Michael Sims, on Arthur and Sherlock

Biographer, editor and man of letters Michael Sims agreed to let me pick his brain about Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes, a fascination we share. Sims was a distinguished speaker at the Baker Street Irregulars annual gathering in 2011. Sims’ newest book, Arthur and Sherlock, comes out January 24. Q: Did you read Sherlock Holmes…


This is the first book I’ve read by Alex Grecian, though it is the fifth in the series that began with The Yard. [I tried to read The Harvest Man (#4) but I just could not get into it.] The novel begins with the escape of a nameless man and for a few chapters the reader isn’t…

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