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ACCENT: JUST MY TYPO by Drummond Moir

  There is something endearing and disarming about typos. The idea that even the professionals can make a mistake helps us all relax about our own weaknesses. And it’s usually good for a laugh. Drummond Moir has assembled a book …
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ACCENT: A Little Russian Collection

  Gregory Maguire, best known for his Wicked books, is back with another revisionist fairy tale. This time, he weaves together classic Russian elements — Baba Yaga, Faberge eggs, endless train tracks, snow laden countryside — in this middle grade novel. …
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Peering Anew at My Own World - INTERVIEW WITH MICHAEL SIMS

I had the great honor to interview writer and editor Michael Sims about his newest book, The Phantom Coach and pick his brain about growing up in rural Tennessee, the (super)natural and what the ghost stories of our time will be …
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SUMMER OF CHRISTIE: After the Funeral

Alright, we are wrapping up the Summer of Christie and Sophie Hannah’s new Poirot mystery The Monogram Murders is just around the corner. I’d like to thank Book Club Girl for hosting our discussions and to Kaitlin at William Morrow for sending us …
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Books for September

  Somehow, it is already September. Soon, clocks will turn back and afternoons will turn into night even sooner. Throw blankets will become part of the household wardrobe and a warm mug of tea a necessity. Here are some titles …
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Michael Sims has once again curated a fascinating and perhaps unexpected collection of stories for the Victorian reader. None of these stories rely on scare tactics as such. They are unsettling. They get into your head and rattle around, like a …
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SUMMER OF CHRISTIE: Dead Man's Folly - Part 2

So, who caught the premiere of DEAD MAN’S FOLLY with David Suchet last night? It was great fun and am so glad to see Poirot once again. As part of the Summer of Christie, and gearing up for Sophie Hannah’s MONOGRAM …
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BOOKS for August

I can’t believe August is already here! I feel like I just watched the fireworks for the new year. Down here in the South, the days are long and humid. High noon is spent hiding inside from the worst of …
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The second title in the Summer of Christie is Dead Man’s Folly, a fête-filled mystery for Poirot. Mrs Oliver, an acquaintance of his (who also happens to be a mystery writer) asks Poirot to join her for the weekend at a …
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REVIEW: I WAS JACK MORTIMER by Alexander Lernet-Holenia

This deceptively small book reads like a layered film noir. An innocent cab driver is drawn into a labyrinthine plot when his fare is shot and killed in the back seat. The driver, Sponer, is perhaps of less than average …
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Three Odd Books – via Futility Closet

Three Odd Books – Futility Closet. B.S. Johnson’s 1969 “book in a box” The Unfortunates consists of 27 unbound sections, ranging in length from a single paragraph to 12 pages. The first and last chapters are specified, but the 25 in between …
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No, it’s not about that duel. It turns out the two worked as lawyers defending a young man accused of murder in 1800 New York City. It’s a bizarre and expertly-told story that sheds light on life when our country …
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This is an updated, modern take on the supernatural gothic tale. Set in present day, a young British man (only identified as A.) inherits an estate in rural Virginia. The house is over a century old and it seems each …
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“The Orient—including present-day Turkey, Greece, the Middle East, and North Africa—exerted its allure on the Western artist’s imagination centuries prior to the turn of the nineteenth century.” Jennifer Meagher, Dept. of European Paintings, The Metropolitan Museum of Art The cover alone …
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BOOKS for July

  As summer heats up, reading on the porch, with a tall glass of lemonade is a must. Here are some titles to dive into while you relax to the drone of a faraway lawnmower and the flash of lazy lighting …
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