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BOOKS FOR SEPTEMBER   THE HISTORIES by Herodotus Ever since seeing The English Patient, I've meant to read The Histories ("Am I K in your book?). Tom Holland has worked with Penguin Classics to publish a new translation. Having studied Latin in high school and some classics in college, the ancient history of the Mediterranean was not entirely strange to me. Still what is most {read more}


REVIEW: THE RACE FOR PARIS by Meg Waite Clayton As the Normandy invasion's ground forces advanced across the French countryside, the obvious objective was to liberate Paris. Allied forces crept at a snail's pace, encountering mine fields and holdouts along the way. In 1940, when Paris surrendered to Nazi Germany, the event was documented. Footage of a triumphant Hitler in a motorcade, driving around all {read more}

Quick Stories

Quick StoriesAs much as we all want several hours on end to read that massive epic novel, it's not always realistic. Especially when the laundry needs folding and sometimes (only sometimes) you need to sleep. I've found it to be a great way to ignore the fact I'm doing chores or to relax when I just don't {read more}


REVIEW: MR HOLMES (2015) I am always wary of "fan fiction" of beloved characters, but Mr Holmes is brilliant. McKellen strikes a balance between the classic and arrogant Sherlock we know and love and a realistic, pitiable, complicated man. It's 1947 and Holmes has long ago retired to his bees in Devon, with little to entertain his inquisitive mind. When the {read more}

Books for August

Books for August   Summer, do your worst! / Light your tinsel moon, and call on / Your performing stars to fall on / Headlong through your paper sky; -- August by Dorothy Parker THE SOUL OF AN OCTOPUS by Sy Montgomery   From the publisher: In this astonishing book from the author of the bestselling memoir The Good Good Pig, Sy Montgomery explores the emotional {read more}

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